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Salgari Restaurant

The Salgari Restaurant was founded in honor of the Veronese writer Emilio Salgari (1862 - 1911), author of adventure novels much loved by readers of all ages. Salgari was a particularly active writer: he wrote more than two hundred works, among which the great successes linked to the characters of Sandokan, Yanez and the Black Corsair.
With the same passion in your amazement and the same spirit of research, the Salgari Restaurant wishes to offer its Guests a selection of the best seasonal dishes of the Verona area and Italian cuisine, with some foray into the flavors of distant lands.

Perfect for a romantic dinner or a business lunch, a rich and delicious menu or a light and dietetic meal: the Chef of the Salgari Restaurant knows how to combine the ancient tastes of Italian tradition and the innovations of modern cuisine with skill and refinement.
Hotel guests can savor these delicacies not only in the main hall, but also in the suggestive garden which is the background to the pool.
The Salgari Restaurant, also open to Guests outside the hotel, is suitable for hosting any type of event: gala dinners, business lunches or dinners, cocktails by the pool, ceremonies, etc.

Gluten-free variations are also available: the staff will be happy to meet your needs.

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