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At Sommacampagna hotel nice and efficient for a moment of rest

Edoardo Raspelli

You are in Sommacampagna, in the province of Verona, in the land of good wine and one of the most active Italian airports, the door of Italy that opens to the world. If you set up the Ferrari Street along the Provincial or National roads on your navigator, you will be in a large industrial estate on which you will open the parking lot of this hotel, amidst its green box. But if from Vicenza you are going to Milan and Turin with the A4 from the impossible and dangerous traffic (the artery is recently scattered with yellow signs that warn you of the danger of tampons !!!) you can take a rest (always staying on the freeway) entering this which is a comfortable, valued, ringing, refuge from the fatigue of your miles.

There is a large parking space and here are the entrance glass windows which offer you the large bar and the large wine and food store on the right, and the restaurant (San Silvestro's dinner at 75 euros) and the immaculate hotel industry. Nice, efficient and with somewhat sacrificed rooms, but from the inviting price.