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Decontracting Massage

With our every movement, different bundles of muscle fibers are involved, but not always at the same time, since the body carefully selects the muscles to be used for the various efforts.
Sometimes however, when there's an anomalous muscle work or any bone problem, the fibers are spurred incorrectly, causing contractures.
Muscular contractures can also be caused by wrong posture habits, for example if you are always standing or sitting, bending your back or moving your arms.
Athletes also suffer of muscle contractures, due to the frequency of efforts to which the whole musculoskeletal system is undergoing during their agonistic activity.

If your muscles keep on being contracted and even aching when you are resting, it is a real muscular contracture. The decontracting massage, performed by our experienced and attentive operators, can relieve this tension.

The decontracting and relaxing massage is performed on the most tense body areas, even with preventive purposes: a great relief for the lower limbs, the lumbar region or the whole back, the head and the shoulders.
Duration: 45 minutes                  Price: 55.00 €


To book: - ​​Tel. 045/8581400